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It is the largest of the "ABC's" Aurba, Bonaire and Curacao. Like it's sister islands it is wisata goa pindul considered a transcontinental island. Therefore , it is not surprising the natives of this island are multi-lingual speaking English, Spanish and Dutch. Curacao

Curacao is an island located in the southern Caribbean 35 miles north of Venezuela. Known for its sunny climate, secluded beaches, plus it mixture of old and new world charm, it is a truly unique place to visit. If this island seems intriguing, plan your trip today.

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. Curacao is element of South American, but it is recognized as part of the Caribbean too. This island includes a land section of 171 square miles, so that as of January 2009 it had a population of 142, 000. In addition , Curacao's location has made it a significant crossroads for international business and world affairs.

This island boast beautiful beaches on it's southwest, and this island has a variety of tropical plants and creatures growing on it's hilly terrain. The people are said to descend from over 40 different ethnicities. This island is beyond your hurricane belt, so hurricane season is not a concern there. Many species of flora are found in Christoffel park, a nature preserve there

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