Pride Of Chicago Indie Music Mike Kinsella

One of greatest musicians to come chicago out music scene, that has largely gone unknown. Mike Kinsella has played in plenty of various bands leading to his current project "Owen". Mike is playing in bands since he was twelve years old enough with his brother Tim Kinsella. For example, mike Kinsella is most prominent for his time in the bands American Football and Owen. Owen is a solo project in which Mike has recorded his own songs and played numerous instruments.

You really have to visit this website: "STAFABAND". Often, his newest album is largely inspired by his wife and daughter, among additional things getting older. He is most widely prominent for currently for his solo project Owen, which he tours across the US playing in bars and numerous venues. For fairly fraction his live performance is Mike by himself playing an acoustic guitar. Thats what makes seeing Mike Kinsella live a good experience.

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